Coronavirus Services

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses have unfortunately seen significant changes in they way they operate to improve the safety of staff and visitors. These changes have had serious implications for many businesses including taking time away from core duties.

Dealing with Coronavirus doesn't have to be time consuming. Wakefield Clean can take care of all your coronavirus related cleaning needs to help lighten the burden and allow you to concentrate on what makes your business work.

Our cleaning services have been designed to meet the needs of all businesses, from offices to shops, schools to factories. We can keep you "Covid Secure" and able to operate as safely as possible throughout this testing time.


Daily Touch Point Sanitization

Keeping your buildings touch points and surfaces clean and sanitized is essential to keeping your staff safe and building safe from the pandemic. From door handles to keyboards, desks to telephones, canteens & washrooms. Daily touch point cleaning is the minimum standard required to keep your workplace and employees safe.

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Should the worst happen, or if you wish to add an extra layer of protection by receiving a regular deep clean. Deep cleaning is the last line of defense against potential full blown outbreak especially following a confirmed case. 

If you should be unfortunate enough to have a confirmed case at your premises, or wish to discuss the benefits of a regular deep clean, please contact us.

Please note, Neither of these services should be used in place of regular cleaning service.